Monday, 2 November 2009

enchanted sunday morning

this is what inspires me most -- the everchanging landscape, the moods of lights and shades, the textures of grass and leaves, and branches, and clouds, and...

it was such immense beauty i could enjoy last sunday morning. allow me to share it --

i hope you'll like it as much as i do.

all pictures are taken on a sunday morning walk along the tiny river that flows next to my house.

Friday, 23 October 2009

golden fall

..just wanted to share this picture of the golden textures of fall foliage

..but then i found more golden textures.

a cloud of hand-dyed wool nubs by travelingrhinos:

and an awesome yarn made by dreamfiber:

ok, this is enough for inspiration, i'm off to knit/crochet the fall jacket for my sister's little daughter now.

it is always been so interesting for me to watch other artist's and handworkers in the process of their work. maybe i should also try to post my work in progress.. hm?

Monday, 28 September 2009

i never can choose -- wich season i love best.. i love the spring most, i guess, because the birds return to nesting places and the butterflies wake up.. but then comes summer and my garden is in flowers and the kids are free from school, so i think, i love the summer too. but after the summer there comes the fall with all the colours. (btw we went for a little trip last weekend and i did soooo regret i forgot my camera to take with me) all the fields are harvested and plowed and i fall in love with all those deep colours. and then comes the winter and again -- there is so much beauty in the lace pattern of the frozen branches against the blue sky..
so i made today an etsy-treasury: love all 4 seasons.

you can see it here:

and, please, leave a comment!! your opinion is very much appreciated!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

.. a marvelous late summer evening mood

about creative side of life

hi! sometimes there are things i'd love to tell someone, to share. so i decided i'd start a blog. i'm not used to blogging so far. but i'm ready to try this out.. ok, actually i have made one blog before -- it was dedicated to the hyperbolic crochet coral reef of Latvia i curated. you can read it here:

what i already love about blogging is the possibility to reach people far away. this is a truly crazy feeling -- there is no distance too huge.