Sunday, 30 January 2011

My Spring Fashion Trends Moodboard

Long skirts are IN again!
More keywords for spring fashion trends: rust-rusted-rusty colors all over, desert sand and pale mint next to faded lilacs and violets, feather-light lacey sheers, crazy high shoes and big bangles. Spring will be fun!!

Etsy is trendful! Take a look: Moodboard for Spring Fashion Trends 01

Monday, 10 January 2011

This is a miracle! Another of my treasuries hit the FP today!

Another beautiful Front Page!! :)

That little very special moment..

Since I joined the Treasury League Team of Etsy in November, I enjoy making treasuries even more then before. I'll try to remember to post all my newest treasuries in my blog for you to enjoy the beauty of handmade and vintage items :)

Here's some I made in the last two days:

Etsy Front Page

Lately 3 of my Tleague Treasuries appeared on the Front Page of Etsy!! I'm immensely happy about that! Congratulation to all the featured shops!