Tuesday, 14 September 2010

creations and treasuries

i have been busy a while.. creating, taking photos and preparing descriptions. it takes a lot of time.
here is one of my new creations:

more you can see in my etsy-shop: www.consentiodesign.etsy.com.

meanwhile, autumn has come. the mornings tightly wrapped in fog and evenings coming early and chilled. kids are back to school and i'm staying at home alone for the whole long day -- very unusual for me to be alone for such a long spread of time.. i think i'll try to practice blogging. now i'm going to have time for it, right?

yes, and i wanted to tell about a treasury. you know, it's the wonderful feature of the etsy shop -- hand picked selection of items you can find among the endless wealth of handcrafted creations and works of art.
so, one of my silk flower necklaces was picked for a treasury today. i'm honored.
here's the link: etsy treasury

if you read this a have the bit of time to follow the link, would you take another bit of time to leave a comment? please? i'd appreciate that very much!

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