Tuesday, 14 September 2010

interior design

there is one more thing i did lately, i submitted one of my this year's projects for the competition for the Year’s 2010 Awards in Design, where designers, architects and students of all related disciplines are invited. here is the link (follow the link and scroll down for the English text) -- Gada balva dizainā 2010

and here is my project and it's realization:
(all photos except the "before" photo are courtesy of Kārlis Jozeps www.imgfoto.lv)

this is what it looked like when i saw the place for the first time:

a 3D of the project:

and this is what it looks like now:

and by night looking from the outside:

a bit of textual description:
"The architecture of the unusual shopping center extension itself gave the direction in which to look for inspiration. Cafeterias room is 2.4m wide and 36m long, so the idea to create a „train wagon” came at the very first time, while getting acquainted with the object. The interior is definitely not a direct recreation of a train dining car, but rather a free improvisation on the theme. False windows, illuminated from the back, with fuzzy landscape pictures (as if one would be looking through a window of a fast running train) complement the overall impression and look particularly impressive at the dark part of the day."

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